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CPRN Registry EMR Forms Milestone Reached

CPRN Epic EMR Form

CPRN Epic EMR Form

Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH), along with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, are leading the charge to build the CPRN Registry into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems for CPRN. A major milestone for the CPRN EMR forms development was reached today. The forms for non-surgical doctors who treat people with cerebral palsy were released to the test environment at NCH. CPRN leadership team member Dr. Garey Noritz, the CP Program Director at NCH, will be testing the Epic EMR based forms this week. After making revisions, the forms will be released for testing during CP clinic days at NCH starting in April 2016. The CPRN Registry forms at NCH build on NCH’s experience with its own CP registry that was started several years ago. The CPRN Registry forms for Epic will be made available to other Epic sites that are part of CPRN for participation in the registry.

“The CPRN forms represent a next step in the impact of our existing CP registry at Nationwide Children’s,” said Dr. Noritz. “The EMR forms not only make our CP clinic more efficient, but now we can broaden the use of patient data to multiple to centers and improve the quality of care for people with CP.”

CPRN is working with member sites to get the CPRN Registry forms developed not only for the Epic EMR but also Cerner and AllScripts EMRs. These three EMR implementations will cover all of the existing CPRN sites and 90% of the candidate CPRN sites in the future. We greatly appreciate Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for making these forms available to other sites.