CPRN Opens Network to Outside Researchers

The Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) has opened its network to researchers outside of CPRN. With the completion of its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), CPRN defined an open mechanism by which non-CPRN investigators could propose research concepts for the network. The CPRN SOPs, which are published on our website, detail how an investigator can approach the network for study consideration. The process involves multiple steps that begin with a discussion of the concept with the CPRN Executive Committee (EC). The CPRN EC determines if the study is a “fit” for CPRN with regards to medical disciplines participating in CPRN and is a priority on CPRN’s Research CP opportunity map. If given a green light, the investigator will develop a short concept proposal for review by the CPRN Investigator Committee for development into a full proposal. This process ensures that there is a fit and that members sites would be engaged in data collection for the proposed study.

Non-CPRN investigators that will develop studies approved by CPRN will be invited to join the network as a member. The study development process leverages the resources in the CPRN Data Coordinating Center at the University of Utah to develop the analytical plan and any additional data collection beyond those data collected as part of the CPRN Registry. Approved studies will be implemented using CPRN sites with the investigator’s site leading as the coordinating center for the study. CPRN was formed to accelerate important multi-center clinical research. We are excited to use our research infrastructure to continue to create high quality research that is important to the CP community.