Status: Active Timeline: April 2022 –

Study Type: Community Registry Survey

Brief Description:

People with cerebral palsy may sense the world around them differently (including with the senses of touch, taste, smell, vision, and hearing). We would like to know how the person in your life with cerebral palsy (either yourself or your loved one) senses the world around them and how this might be associated with that person’s functional abilities and any unintentional movements they may have. It is important for us to understand what, if any, sensory concerns people with cerebral palsy may have. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you complete this survey you will see an erroneous value for the number of items completed and you may receive emails saying you are incomplete. Please ignore these messages.

Inclusion criteria: Caregivers of children with CP and adults with CP of all ages can participate in this study.

Exclusion criteria: None

To participate: You must be a member of MyCP (free), logged in, and have completed our informed consent. If you are not a member of MyCP, you can read about the benefits on the MyCP homepage.

Principal Investigator(s): Bhooma Aravamuthan, MD, DPhil

Study Contact: