A child with cerebral palsy sits on a clinic couch while a therapist applies gait analysis markers.

Got Some Pep in my Gait—Analysis

Sloane had a gait analysis recently and actually enjoys turning into a “robot”.  

A woman helps a young boy with cerebral palsy, who is seated in a wheelchair, to play with a colorful light board.

Spiro takes Crayola World! Light baord was a hit for his CVI.

Spiro takes Crayola World for the first time. Light board  was a hit for his CVI but with his Hypotonic CP I had to get a little creative and actually hand him the pegs to touch, hold, and lay on his tray before I put it back on the board.  Visually with his CVI it was a hit but we did our best to creatively still include him in the process of playing with it.

A woman with cerebral palsy, using a powerchair, plays the limbo game outside.


I went to Pride toronto and did the best limbo ever 

A blurred view of the leafy autumn ground after an arm spasm from the photographer with cerebral palsy.

Anatomy of a spasm

When taking photos with CP, spasticity is an ever present compositional partner 

A smiling man with cerebral palsy stands at his garage workstation surrounded by different types of tools.

Setting up the workshop

A buff man in his early 40s is smiling and standing in front of a workbench with power tools.

A child with cerebral palsy, wearing a blue life jacket, sits on an adult’s lap at the helm of a boat.

Captain Raymond

Captain Raymond from Raging Raymond Fluke Tournament

A woman with cerebral palsy is wearing glasses and a sparkling blouse. She is seated in a wheelchair while singing on a stage.

Hitting a High Note

Me hitting a note, that I had been struggling with for months, in my solo for ‘Never Fall for an Elf’ as Jovie in ‘Elf: The Musical’.

A smiling man with cerebral palsy wears glasses and a blue t-shirt. He is playing a white guitar.

Mark and His Guitar

I have mild CP and am an avid guitarist. I am 68 years old and a retired teacher.

A man with cerebral palsy, seated in a wheelchair, uses an assistive communication device with his laptop in his living room.

Finding My Voice!

I was part of a program that helped me record my voice sounds and blend them with pre-recorded sentences my Dad read. This was the creation of My Voice! It was a huge success and I love how I sound- not like the robotic machine voice that everyone has in the room! Guess I need to be careful what I say now!

A young man with cerebral palsy is seated in a powerchair in a driveway. He is wearing green face paint and a ‘Hulk’ costume.

Hulk smash no…CHAD SMASH

Love getting dress up for parties in our community but my favorite is Halloween.  I got as green as I could with painting my face and hair.  Chad Smash