Cerebral Palsy Therapy Registry Completed

The physical and occupational therapy subspecialty group finished their initial data element definition on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.  The group, led by CPRN network leader Dr. Amy Bailes, a physical therapist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, consisted of Dr. Bailes and eight therapists who treat CP in North America including:

  • Dr. Kristie Bjornson, Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Mary Gannotti, University of Hartford
  • Marcia B. Greenberg, UCLA
  • Dr. Karen Harpster, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Christopher F. Joseph, Kennedy Krieger Institute
  • Dr. Linda Lowes, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Teressa Reidy, Kennedy Krieger Institute
  • Andrea Todd, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

The group has met consistently every other week since April 28th to define the important therapy data to collect during a team clinic visit for individuals with cerebral palsy.  The cerebral palsy therapy registry core will provide important data points about the role of therapy in outcomes in CP.

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