Cerebral Palsy Orthopedics Registry Completed

The orthopedic surgery subspecialty group finished their initial data element definition on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. The group, led by CPRN network leader Dr. Unni Narayanan, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Sick Children, consisted of Dr. Narayanan and ten surgeons who treat CP in North America including:

  • Dr. Benjamin Shore, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. David Roye, Columbia University
  • Dr. Freeman Miller, A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children
  • Dr. Hank Chambers, Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. James McCarthy, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Jon R. Davids, Shiners of Northern California
  • Dr. Laura Gill, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Mark Romness, University of Virginia
  • Dr. Tom Novacheck, Gillette Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. William Oppenheim, University of California, Los Angeles

The group has met consistently every other week since May 13th to define the important data to collect for the cerebral palsy orthopedic interventions. Starting from other established orthopedic registries and current studies, the group focused on which data elements could be leveraged. The surgeons then determined the remaining fields necessary to make a common data model for this aspect of the registry. The cerebral palsy orthopedics registry core will provide a significant base of data for future quality improvement studies and study planning for CPRN.

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