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Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Data Elements Completed

The non-surgical clinicians subspecialty group finished their initial data element definition on Thursday, July 2, 2015. The group, led by CPRN network leader Dr. Garey Noritz, Director of the Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, consisted of Dr. Noritz and twelve clinicians who treat CP around the nation including:

  • Dr. Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez, 1 CP Place
  • Dr. Nancy Clegg, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
  • Dr. Mauricio Delgado, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
  • Dr. Laurie Glader, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Ed Hurvitz, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Aga Lewelt, University of Florida
  • Dr. Michael Noetzel, Washington University
  • Dr. Gadi Revivo, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  • Dr. Angela Sinner, Gillette Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Richard Stevenson, University of Virginia
  • Dr. Jilda Noel Vargus-Adams, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Amy Viehoever, University of California San Francisco

The group has met consistently every other week since April 23rd to define the important data to collect for the cerebral palsy diagnosis within a clinic setting. Starting from other established registries, the group focused on leveraging best practices in the diagnosis and determining how to make sure that fields could be reliably recorded across a diverse number of centers and clinicians. The diagnosis core of the CPRN registry will be a critical feature for the future study of cerebral palsy.

CPRN sites selected for PCORI application

The study team working on the PCORI application for comparative effectiveness study of surgical interventions selected 18 sites to participate in the grant application. Nearly all of the sites were selected from current participants in CPRN. Below are the site principle investigators (PIs) and the institutions that have been selected. All sites are actively working on completing site specific aspects of their participation in the study if it is funded by PCORI. The application is due to PCORI on July 31, 2015. The sites not currently participating in CPRN have been invited to join the network.

PI Name Site
Michael Partington Gillette Childrens
David P. Roye Jr. Columbia
Elizabeth Barkoudah Boston Children’s Hospital
David A. Yngve UTMB Galveston
Dennis Matthews Children’s Hospital of Colorado
Deborah Gaebler/Gadi Revivo Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
W Jerry Oakes Children’s of Alabama
Amy Bailes Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Robert Bollo Primary Children’s Hospital
Freeman Miller AI Dupont Children’s Hospital
Unni G. Narayanan Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital & The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
Edward Hurvitz University of Michigan
Garey Noritz, Jeff Leonard Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Aga Lewelt University of Florida Jacksonville
Kristie F. Bjornson Seattle Children’s Hospital
William Oppenheim UCLA
Amy Viehoever UCSF
Rich Stevenson UVA

Neurosurgery Registry Data Definition Complete

The neurosurgery subspecialty group finished their initial data element definition yesterday. The group, led by CPRN network leader Dr. Jerry Oakes, Surgeon-in-Chief at Children’s of Alabama, consisted of ten neurosurgeons including:

  • Dr. Philipp Aldana, Wolfson Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Richard Anderson, Columbia University
  • Dr. Robert Bollo, Primary Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Jeffrey Leonard, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Michael Partington, Gillette Children’s Hopsital
  • Dr. Nathan Ranalli, Wolfson Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Shenandoah “Dody” Robinson, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Brandon Rocque, Children’s of Alabama
  • Dr. Charles Stevenson, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

The group has met consistently every other week since April 28th to define the important data to collect for the primary neurosurgical interventions for cerebral palsy — selective dorsal rhizotomy and intrathecal baclofen pumps. This common data model will be an important core to the CPRN registry enabling the study of practice variation to target for quality improvement initiatives and study planning for future clinical research.

Investigators to submit PCORI application

The CP Research Network investigators have been invited to submit a full PCORI application for the Large Pragmatic Studies to Evaluate Patient-Centered Outcomes – Spring 2015 Cycle which closes on July 31, 2015. Dr. Richard Stevenson of the University of Virginia is the lead Principle Investigator in the study entitled “Comparative Effectiveness of Major Surgical Treatments for Cerebral Palsy: Child and Family Reported Outcomes to Aid Decision Making.” This study, if funded, will fill a critical information gaps in the treatment of children with CP for clinicians and patient families. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 that are considered candidates for surgical interventions will be enrolled at 10 to 15 sites within the network. Site selection will be completed before the end of June 2015. The study is expected to enroll 2500 patients in the first two years of accrual.

Welcome to the CP Research Network

The Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) is a group doctors, therapists and patient advocates collaborating to improve treatments and outcomes for people with CP.  The network combines the expertise of doctors and therapists committed to treating CP with clinical epidemiologists and rigorous data collection practices to plan and execute high quality clinical trials and quality improvement protocols.