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Job Quality in the Non-profit Sector

Renewal challenges also confront Canada's voluntary sector. Drawing on evidence from Statistics Canada's Workplace and Employee Survey [WES], the Work Network is conducting a comprehensive study of paid employment in non-profit organizations. This research is mapping the non-profit sector and examining the sector's workforce, its working conditions, opportunities for skill development, retention and renewal challenges, and employers' human resource management practices.

Fundraising and fundraisers are key to the sustainability and effectiveness of the voluntary sector. This is especially true in light of the retreat of direct government support for the non-profit sector in recent years. Yet, despite the importance of fundraisers and their role in raising charitable gifts, we know relatively little about who fundraisers are, the challenges they face, and their perspective on regulatory and legal issues surrounding their profession. The AFP/CPRN Survey of Fundraisers is the first comprehensive look at the fundraising profession in Canada. It provides new information on the characteristics of fundraisers who are members of professional associations, their working conditions, and their perceptions of how well fundraising is integrated into organizations.


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