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Research Area:

Healthy and Supportive Workplaces / Work-life Balance

Research under this theme converges on a very practical question: What are the ingredients of a healthy and supportive workplace? Our research focuses on human resource management practices, work environments, and industrial relations - all critical factors in creating healthy and supportive work environments.

Our research explores the relationship between work environments, worker health and well-being, family life and organizational effectiveness. To the extent that we can shed light on the links between workplace practices and employee health and well-being, we can assist employers in responding to forces of change in ways that improve outcomes for both employees and the organizations for which they work. We can also help identify areas where government policy initiatives can support healthy workplaces.


Title Type Publishedsort desc.
Balancing Paid Work and Caregiving Responsibilities: A Closer Look at Family Caregivers in Canada Research Report 5 Mar 2009
Working and Looking after Mom and Dad: The Face of Caregiving in Canada Other 5 Mar 2009
Labour Force Trends and Implications for the Voluntary and Non-profit Sector Presentation 27 Nov 2008
The Role of Healthcare Work Environments in Shaping a Safety Culture Research Report 8 May 2008
21st Century Job Quality: Achieving What Canadians Want Research Report 3 Sep 2007
21st Century Job Quality Trends Presentation 19 Apr 2007
Where To Work in Canada? An Examination of Regional Differences in Work Life Practices Research Report 29 Apr 2005
Healthy Workplace Strategies: Creating Change and Achieving Results Other 5 Mar 2004
How Canada Stacks Up: The Quality of Work - An International Perspective Research Report 19 Dec 2003
Healthy Workplaces and Productivity: A Discussion Paper Research Report 6 Jun 2003
Rethinking Productivity from a Workplace Perspective Research Report 7 Jun 2002
Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces Research Report 23 Jan 2002
Work-Life Balance in the New Millennium: Where Are We? Where Do We Need to Go? Research Report 23 Oct 2001