Our vision for the Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) is to create a broad and inclusive network of participating centers so that ultimately all centers that treat people with cerebral palsy can participate in the CPRN registry and various CPRN activities. We are in a pilot phase for the registry and are not currently seeking to add new sites until that pilot phase concludes (anticipated in 2017).

Multiple sites expressed interest in our charter membership to CPRN but weren’t ready to participate for a variety of reasons. Those sites have kept close tabs on our work through the CPRN Resources page and many are taking part in our proposed PCORI study. Sites that participate in our studies will be first in line to join the network when we open it up for applications at the conclusion of our pilot phase. Other sites that are interested can prepare for participation and acceptance into the network by executing the steps providing on our resource page (registry IRB submission being the primary objective).

If you have read our charter membership requirements (we will have similar requirements for the addition of new sites post pilot phase) and reviewed our Resources page, you can send an email to to have a discussion with a member of our leadership team about joining CPRN.